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Taipei International Food Show-Product list


Product list

  • Ganoderma Fresh Mushroom Broth

    Description:It is carefully selected from Taiwan's fresh mushrooms and has a sweet taste. It can be used as a hot pot soup, noodles, stir-fry, and steamed eggs to enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

  • Frozen Vegetable Series


  • Fermented black garlic

    Description:The garlic that processed by Luen Tong were rigidly selected from where planted the areas along the seaside that had tolerated the violent blow of Northeast monsoon during the growth period with the less poor soil but are rich in the minerals and microelements, raised it to have the characteristics of the specific flavor and sharp pungent taste that the sub-tropical region style garlic specially grabbed as well as contains higher amino acids.

  • Description:

  • Idaho Russet Potato

    Description:Why Choose Idaho Potatoes: 1) 1) Customer Appeal: Customers Love Idaho Potatoes! Idaho Potatoes outscore other states' potatoes in customer preference and awareness. For quality Idaho Potatoes, Look for GROWN IN IDAHO Seal_ 2) Performance: Idaho Russet Potatoes consistently average high solids with low moisture content, simply makes them better than grown elsewhere. 3) Taste: Idaho's growing season of warm days and cool nights, combined with plenty of mountain-fed irrigation and rich volcanic soil produce the unique texture and taste. 4) Availability: Idaho Potatoes are usually available year-round. 5) Committed to Quality: Idaho actively leads the industry in Research, Advertising and Support.