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Taipei International Food Show-Product list


Product list

  • Yellow Grouper

    Description:Yellow grouper has not only great taste and high nutrition, rich in protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other nutrients. Yellow grouper is animportant economic fish. By steaming or making soup, the fish is popular in restaurants.

  • Black Sesame Pastry

    Description:Strictly selected black sesame seeds are ground and made, gentle and not hot Uphold 100% natural, no added chemicals Mellow sesame fragrant, full nutritional value Eat the best to give you the best health supplement

  • 100% pure black sesame

    Description:Ancient stone stone development of a hundred years good taste Selection of black sesame low temperature baking calcium supplement NO1 Taste fragrant and dense food is a good partner

  • Black Sesame Powder

    Description: Dǐngjí hēi zhīma lì yánmó gāo yíngyǎng jiàzhí gāo gài gāo dànbái shíwù bǔ gài zuì jiànkāng gěi nǐ hǎo gǔlì yào chī jiù chī zuì hǎo de gěi nín zuì yōu de jiànkāng bǔjǐ 顯示更多內容 52/5000 Top black sesame seeds grinding High nutritional value, high calcium and high protein Food calcium supplement is the healthiest and give you good bone strength Eat the best to give you the best health supplement

  • Frozen Imitation Shark’s Fin


  • Red quinoa Black sesame sceds That food drink

    Description:Australian matured fine oats A variety of grains with complete nutrition, sugar-free, delicious, and the most healthy Add Peru imported organic red quinoa Ruby in grain, mother of grain-red quinoa Rich in Omega-3.6.9 polyunsaturated fatty acids Add top black sesame powder A cup every day is so smooth ㄣ ㄣ bye bye_ Give you a youthful look

  • Frozen Seafood


  • Health sesame paste


  • Taiwan Jopanica NO.9 Rice

    Description:Taiwan jopanic No. 9 rice is cultivated for safe and secure eating. The rice cultivation is transparent and the government has passed the verification. The rice grains are transparent and shiny, the water content is high, and the rice is particularly flexible and soft. The chewing texture is clear and slightly sticky.

  • Taiwan Jopanica Rice9Kg

    Description:The designated chefs of various restaurants such as Japanese sushi restaurants, hotel chains and braised meat restaurants have long been used.