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Taipei International Food Show-Product list


Product list

  • DIY zero pollution yogurt

    Description:1. Manufacturing method are very simple, easier operation 2. Superior quality and hifh density, it is very delicious.. 3. It is very cheap. Cost is 1/3 of market price 4. It can create a different yogurt menu and enchance company healthy image 5. Toll: Yogurt maker. Materials: Juchuan yogurt culture powder. 6. Yogurt Menu: Yogurt Desserts, Yogurt smoothe, Yogurt juice, Yogurt salad, Yogurt expresso ice cream, Yofurt soft ice cream. Yogurt lofe mask.

  • Cloudy Agent / Cloudifier

    Description:Cloudy agent is made from coconut oil and starch, it can provide turbidity in beverage product, with no distinct odor and no preservatives.

  • Tapioca Starch Pearls


  • Bursting Popping Boba

    Description:15% Real Juice. Original from Taiwan Bursting Boba, commonly known as popping pearls or popping juice ball. These little juice balls are filled with surprising good flavors. It is coated in a clear slightly gummy skin with flavoring fruit juice inside. It’s a great addition topping can be put into any drinks as a topping or mixer. Best served with cold treats such as frozen yogurt or ice cream. Can be used as a drink chaser or other dessert topping.


    • PULY CO., LTD.
    • Booth No.: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1)

    Description:The popular beverage in Taiwan must be our world-wide famous tapioca milk tea. Along with milk tea, the chewy and yummy tapioca provides a delicious taste that is so addictive. It is an all year popular drink throughout Taiwan and many Asia countries. No one can resist this special drink.

  • UHT Long Life Whipping Cream

    Description:UHT Long Life Whipping Cream

  • Asturinan Whipping Cream

    Description:來自西班牙,口感溫醇,滑順不膩 容易打發與操作 適用於甜點及餐飲料理


    Description:自然順口的香氣 _ 散發天然乳香,不搶味,適當的帶出其他食材的風味。 高穩定性及打發性 _ 較一般動物鮮奶油多30%的打發性且穩定性佳。 廣泛使用 _ 不但適合在烘焙,也可適當的使用在餐飲及飲料。

  • Coconut Cream Alternative

    Description: 用途廣泛:適合泰式料理、調理食品、義大利麵、濃湯、飲料、甜點、椰香風味濃而不膩,特別適用於紅咖哩、綠咖哩的調製。 富含維生素E、無反式脂肪、無膽固醇、無麥麩、無糖。

  • Everwhip 1030

    Description:使用前置冷藏(攝氏5℃以下)解凍,適用於蛋糕抹面裝飾,也可使用於咖啡飲料或甜點的裝飾,或單獨使用為果凍、布丁等甜點的淋醬。 高打發倍數,穩定且化口性佳,冷凍可保存1年。