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Taipei International Food Show-Product list


Product list

  • Other Hi-Nutrition Food,Vegetarian Food


  • 100 degrees of 36 energy soup box (30gx40bags)

    Description:Lactic acid bacteria, DHA, immunoglobulin, lecithin and tomorrow leaves, by low temperature spray granulation, and milk powder manufacturing process similar to the production of milk powder, It is also known as (green milk powder). ● 100 letter of energy soup medicine food homologous, is a diet instead of medicine, health care of the best, to reconcile 36 kinds of heaven and earth essence, complement each other, complement each other. ● 100 letter of the special treatment of energy soup, to Wu fine, the essence of the human health benefits of 36 kinds of natural essence, easy to digest and absorb. ● Effective handling of beans (Prin). The carbohydrate (fructooligosaccharides) is measured by a medical expert. ● DHA from the linen benevolence, vegetarians can be safe to use. 100 letter of energy soup specially recommended to several ethnic groups apply: ● morning in a hurry to eat breakfast schoolchildren and office workers: one to two packs of energy every day brewing water, milk or soy milk, easy to save time, the day's energy without worry. ● loss of appetite lead to malnutrition, antibody reduction, to 100 degrees of energy for the three meals the food staple food, available a balanced nutrition, easy to digest and absorb. ● vegetarians: This product is pure plant food, the human body essential nutrient balance is ready for vegetarians preferred food. ● partial eclipse of children: eating incense and delicious beauty of the soup, balanced nutrition to help grow up brain. How to use: Each bag (30g) plus 200cc (7oz) warm water to reconcile the drink. According to personal favorite can add milk, soy milk, cocoa and so on. Important statement: 100 degrees of intelligence 36 energy soup has been tested, not detected trihydrogen ammonia and three hydrogen acid, confirmed as safe food.

  • Royal Jelly Capsules

    Description:・100%使用天然蜂王漿冷凍乾燥製成,鎖住蜂王漿最精華的營養。 ・蜂王漿為女王蜂主要的食物。 ・含有多種胺基酸、天然維生素、礦物質等營養素。 ・自然界中富含高營養價值的天然食品。

  • Gift

    Description:・可自由選擇蜂蜜、蜂蜜醋、蜂蜜漬檸檬、蜂花粉搭配。 ・所有蜂蜜為「台灣產地」及「親自參與生產」之高品質蜂蜜。 ・可貴賓送禮的最佳選擇。 ・禮盒尺寸: 長27.5cm X 寬27.5cm X 高8.5cm。

  • Gift

    Description:・可自由選擇蜂蜜、蜜漬系列搭配。 ・所有蜂蜜為「台灣產地」及「親自參與生產」之高品質蜂蜜。 ・依蜂蜜不同的香味、口感,可直接沖泡、搭配水果、或是做為麵包抹醬食用。 ・可貴賓送禮的最佳選擇。 ・禮盒尺寸: 長18.3cm X 寬25cm X 高6.2cm。

  • Victor Peptide Collagen Protein DrinkEX

    Description: Contents: Peptide grade fish scale collagen 6,000mg Small molecules double the absorption power! The molecular weight of collagen peptide is less than 1/30 of that of general colloid, and it is heat-resistant, acid-resistant, not afraid of being destroyed by gastric acid, and its bioavailability is 1.5 times that of general collagen. Let you easily drink Q bombs! To Fine GSSG Glutathione 5,000mcg The most popular nutritional supplements can be supplemented immediately by oral administration to adjust physical fitness and maintain youthful beauty. Resveratrol 5000mcg Originated from Spain, extracted with high-quality technology, effectively inhibit melanin and chronic diseases. Gum arabic (Gum Arabic or Acacia gum in English) is a natural vegetable gum, derived from a tree called Acacia. It is highly soluble and is a low-viscosity colloid. It contains 90% soluble dietary fiber and is in line with health food. Requirements Chikan Brown Sugar, no burden on the body Fructooligosaccharides increase good bacteria in the intestine

  • Taiga Organica Natural honey

    Description:Take the blessings of nature TAIGA ORGANICA, a top natural wild honey brand from the Amur region of Russia, was founded in 2004. TAIGA ORGANICA means ¡¨organic food from the primeval forest¡¨. Committed to sharing people's most precious things from nature. Best honey producing area in the world Tykalin, at the junction of the Siberian permafrost and the Russian frigid zone, is one of the only large areas of northern primordial coniferous forests in the world. This virgin forest is rare and independent of the world. Abundant huge natural energy. Naturally matured low temperature honey Adhering to the traditional Russian beekeeper's craftsmanship, honey is collected naturally by non-artificial methods, natural honey is obtained by worker bees, natural maturation method is adopted, and low temperature treatment retains the maximum amount of active trace elements beneficial to the human body. The flowering period is only once a year, so the output is very rare and precious. GOST national certification Won the most rigorous GOST national standard certification in Russia, TAIGA ORGANICA has an ultra-low water content of 18%, and the extracted honey essence is rich and pure. The amylase activity is as high as 30, and the high unit nutritional value is far above the level of the top commercially available honey. Rare and precious high-quality honey The water content of TAIGA ORGANICA honey is only 18%, which exceeds the EU standard of water content ≤20% and the national standard of Taiwan CNS. The lower the water content of honey, the less likely it is to deteriorate and the easier it is to preserve. It also represents the purer its quality and the more rare it is. EU standard honey contains amylase activity ≥8, top honey is about 17-18, and TAIGA ORGANICA honey has amylase activity as high as 30. Through natural maturation and traditional honey technology, it creates excellent active nutrients without human interference. With super quality fresh honey.

  • Goldencrops Instant Wholegrain oatmeal

    Description:Quality-assured world class facility, experienced production team and fresh, top grade wholegrain Australian oats are just some of the reasons why our instant wholegrain oatmeal is freasher,healthier and more nutritious than other imported oatmeal.

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