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Taipei International Food Show-Product list


Product list

  • Yoshan Series

    Description:Oolong tea has a complicated production process. The tea products in the Yoshan Series return to traditional Taiwanese production methods. The leaves are sufficiently fermented, giving them a refreshing fragrance, while careful roasting brings out their natural sweetness. These teas produce a rich and lasting sweet aftertaste.

  • Russia Duo Ge Luji Need Vodka

    Description:• Kremlin Queen vodka • Russian national banquet with wine • from Russia's strict selection of oats, rye, buckwheat and rye brewed, frozen after revealing crystal clear visual enjoyment, pure wine, natural taste, no sugar, into the throat Melon does not choke , Qinglie into the heart of the spleen, like the snow into the Arctic, with your taste into the top of the world's crystal world in Russia "Youri Dolgoruki" - always in the head of the table Yuri Duo Ge Luji vodka ---- always top good taste Legendary czar, laying the fortress of Moscow --- Kremlin wall, it is considered happy and prosperous country. We think it also offers quality and technology unique vodka. Its concentration based on the cultivation of ancient food and Ryazan region advanced high quality re-confirmed alcohol "Lux" among the power. It is pure by the layers of clean, and completely clear and transparent drinking water, the formation of magnificent, aromatic alcohol taste. Because it is completely without any additives and spices, quite suitable for pure drinking, is not easy hangover. According to the Russian Vodka classic technology, making this drink gradually perfect, providing a surprising transparency, gentle vodka aroma and noble quality. It is high quality vodka brand. According to Russian vodka classic technology. 40% concentration It has a pure vodka flavor, very smooth taste. Top wine, with the most beautiful painted packaging, it is your top gift choice! Capacity: 0.7 L / 1.0 L / 1.75L

  • Tea,Handicraft,Ceramic & Porcelain Ware


  • (Cellared for 2 Years) Body-shaping fruit vinegar

    Description:Content: Top-Quality Genmai (Brown Rice), Apple, plum, grape, lemon, wild cherry, isomalt FOS Mouth-Feel & Product Features: Fine and Delicate. Good balance between sweet and sour. Rich taste. Mellow and Sweet. Fresh and Refreshing. Thirst-quenching. One of the best things in the gourmet’s classic collection.

  • Oriental beauty tea

    Description:Oriental beauty tea is produced in Taiwan's unique tea, also known as Borneo tea, is the daylight fermentation. The main origin in Taiwan Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli area. It is said that the British tea merchants will be dedicated to the Queen Victoria, When the Queen looked at the golden golden tea, feel the light of the tea in the touch of sweet and sweet sweet taste, So that she is full of praise, the reason why the origin of Oriental beauty tea.

  • Cranberry Vinegar(Cellared for 3 Years)

    Description:Content: Fresh Cranberries , Isomalt oligosaccharides, Top-Quality Genmai (Brown Rice) Mouth-Feel & Product Features: The color is the charming ruby red. mellow and sweet flavor strikes a good balance between sweet and sour.

  • Healthy Vinegar(Cellared for 5 Years)

    Description:Content: Small mountain grapes, red grapes, wild cherries, Top-Quality Genmai (Brown Rice) The other vinegar products can only withstand a temperature up to 45℃, but the Healthy Vinegar can withstand a temperature up to 70℃. Thus, it can be warmed for drinking especially in winter.

  • Freshly Sweet Blueberry Vinegar(Cellared for 3 Years)

    Description:Content: Fresh Blueberries, Isomalt oligosaccharides, Top-Quality Genmai (Brown Rice) Mouth-Feel & Product Features: Light Vinegar Product. Slightly sweet and fruity flavor. Suitable for both adults and kids.

  • Black Diamond Daiginjyo (Cellared for 3 Years)

    Description:Content: Fermented black garlics, Isomalt oligosaccharides, Top-Quality Genmai (Brown Rice) Mouth-Feel & Product Features: Unique fragrance of black garlics.Warming. Mellow and Sweet. Good balance between sweet and sour.

  • Turmeric Enzyme Drink

    Description:Content: Turmeric,Galacto Oligosaccharides, Tamarind Dry Extracts,Brown Sugar Product Features 1. It is easy to absorb the enzyme drink that undergoes 1 year of aseptic fermentation. 2. Galacto oligosaccharides as the nutrition for good bacteria and rich dietary fibers are added to bolster your intestinal health. 3. It is designed based on the compound formula to increase the absorption rate and the effects of Curcumin are further enhanced with Tamarind Dry Extracts. Brown Sugar can even bring out the sour and sweet flavor. 4. The High Temperature Sterilization and Extraction Technology helps release more Curcumin. 5. The concentration of Turmeric is as high as 75% in one bottle. So it is quick to replenish the nutrients.